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2019 ICN Classic Physique World Champion

Graduate Diploma in Performance Nutrition (IOPN) & Sports Nutrition (SNA)

My personal training service is a service that goes above and beyond for my clients. I will always deliver World Class Service to every client, to make sure that every want and need is met.


My Clients are my family, by Family I will always be behind them no matter where they are in their journey. Family’s stick it out through the good and the hard patches. I have been a Personal Trainer since 2012 and I have found a formula both mentally and physically to be able to push each client when we need to push and back off when we need to.


This is not a race for all. For some it is and different parameters are out in place to make these goals happen.


I have more energy than the energizer bunny which makes training with me so addictive. Even though you know it's going to hurt, be hard or you simply don’t want to do it today, you are reminded that when we are training together anything is possible.



2022 ICN Pro Fitness Champion

Graduate Diploma in Performance Nutrition (IOPN) & Sports Nutrition (SNA)

My goal as a personal trainer is to help people reach their fitness goals, gain a new level of self confidence and develop skills to lead a healthy lifestyle beyond Off Tap Fitness.


I specialise in weight loss, recomposition and athletes,


I come from a competitive sports background which means I will push you to be the very best I know you can be.


I never thought I would get into health and fitness as a career, until I started with Off Tap Fitness. Since April 2018 I’ve made some huge changes to my body and mindset thanks to OTF. I’ve competed in a body building competition and completed my PT and nutrition studies to start working in the industry.


When I say I want people to develop skills that they can take with them for the rest of the lives, I truely mean it as that is what OTF has done for me.

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