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Centaine Scott

Off Tap Athlete: Centaine Scott 

Category: Fitness, Sports & Bikini

Posing Coach : Offtapfitness & Montana@offtapfitness

There was certainly a vision board involved when it came to coaching and shaping massive goals for Centaine for this season :

1 - "Jono I want a sash & tiara" 

2 - Look more confident

3 - Make herself & OTF team proud

We were sure to deliver the list. After being able to have full control and implement what was planned, the expression “eating the old you" was visualized and used as a motivational tool. Centaine certainly had the hunger to not only bring a better package but the will to clutch when we needed. After a Solid off-season and building up some serious cals we were ready to hit all FEDs with haste. Along with bringing up her physical game, we dug deep to make her mentally strong to be able to withstand anything that stood in her way in the prep. 

Centaine applied herself and delivered every week without question. She executed all protocols and made every second count. 

Once the first show hit, it was all about the fun and when you pump her with snakes there's nothing more special than seeing her light up like a christmas tree. Another athlete that has leveled up in all areas and brought the OFF TAP STYLE !! 

Couldn’t have been any more smittening for you holding your own and becoming  @nbaaustralia_offical newest NBA BIKINI PRO & OVERALL CHAMPION! This was an absolute milestone for Centaine. Even in the Pro Show she held it down and ripped a 3rd in the pro line up. You worked your tooshy off.

@icnqld :

- 3rd - Fitness Model Nov

@nbaaustralia_offical :

- Bikini Overall Champion & Pro Card Winner

- 3rd - Bikini Pro Show

- 1st - Bikini U/25

- 1st - Bikini Open

- 2nd - Sports Model U/25

- 3rd -  Sports Model Open

@ifbb_australia_official :

-  Show was canned, so much work went into the posing side here from both ( @prudence_thestrengthcoach & @montana@offtapfitness ) This will be a big tick off the list for the 2023B Season with even more time to play and grow.

@nabba_queensland - @nabbaaustralia :   Too lean for the bikini, a slide-in for Toned Figure "you should do it for fun" this will def be a fun time with some actual time to learn the poses

- 2nd - Toned Figure

From the whole Off Tap Fitness Fam we are SUPER PROUD of your efforts and epicness watching you become the women you are today, ENJOY THE CAKE. Off to the 2023B TIME TO GROW


Off Tap Athlete : Courtney Mills ( @courtneyjanex )

Category : Fitness & Sports

Posing Coach : montana@offtapfitness / Offtapfitness

When Courtney and I first met it was just about getting the body, mind and soul strong. After 7 months of building and making some serious gains, while broadening her nutrition and bringing a new holy shit level to her training resume she was ready. We made a plan to bring the biggest, most unreal package we could, working on not only her physical appearance but her mental state to match. I would always mention to Courtney in sessions that no matter what happens she would be able to walk through FIRE and still tackle this prep like a boss bitch.THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WAS DONE !! I have trained some strong minded people but Courtney took the cake. Every athlete has individual strengths and these strengths are always learnt along the way. This was Courtneys time to shine with her first big season. Everything Courtney wanted out of a prep was ticked off. Your happy attitude and only having one hungry time at 3 weeks out was astonishing.

Whopping 11.8Kg during the dieting phase completed with precision, with Placings like this we can see why : 

@icnqld :

Fitness Model Novice 2nd

Fitness Model Open - 3rd

Fitness Model Rookie - 5th

Sports Model Novice - 4th

Sports Model Open -  4th

Sports Model Rookie - 5th

@nbaaustralia_offical :

Fitness Model Opens - 1st 

Fitness Model U/25 - 2nd

Sports Model U/25 - 1st

Sports Model Intermediate - 2nd

Invite to the Pro Show

What a killer season, watching you achieve the ultimate physique with such eazy was a pleasure. With a rebuild in the works for Courtney 2.0, I cannot wait to see you smash bigger goals for 2024. 

Here she comes, well done again YOU’RE PROPER OFF TAP !


Off Tap Athlete : Brooke Davey 

Category : Figure 

Posing Coach : Joey Cantlipt

It was an absolute pleasure to watch Brooke slay at applying herself during this prep. After getting into a great starting position, Brooke had a solid off season. We banded together, secured the starting point and executed the work with a true off tap attitude.

Coming into the new category, Brooke made it known it was figure or nothing this season and we did exactly that. The shape was unique with the building and brought an unreal package to her figure debut. After ripping a cracking 18.6kg in total with (11.6kg of that through her dieting phase) I can proudly say we left nothing, all the boxes were ticked and everything was showcases on the stage. You dug deep and delivered the end goal with class.

Such a pleasure to have watched Brooke through a killer season with plenty of hard earned placings :

@icnqld :

-  Ms Figure Open Class ( Med ) 1st

-  Ms Figure Novice - 3rd

-  Ms Figure Rookies - 4th


- Ms Figure Novice - 3rd

- Ms Figure Rookies - 4th

@nbaaustralia_offical with 

- Figure Beginners - 1st 

- Figure Opens - 2nd 

- Pro Show Invite

Our 1st Figure girl in OTF, made it all the more special to watch our client/college/family strike the stage with pure will and determination. Broke brought nothing but her absolute best for the team and herself. Cannot wait to see her next masterpiece after some much needed downtime and off season she has to come. 



Client Testimonial: Petria
⁠Massive congratulations to Petria on her recent Competition Prep for ICN QLD State titles and the NBA National Show. ⁠⁠
Total 30 weeks in the preparation phase⁠⁠
-13kg lost ⁠⁠
-16% body fat ⁠⁠
I am blown away at the dedication Petria put in! Not one day, macro, checkin missed. She put her head down and got stuck into her prep from the start with no complaints the whole way through. ⁠⁠
Extremely proud of the work Petria put in and the physique, posing and attitude she bought to stage. ⁠⁠

-1st Swimsuit under 25s - NBA ⁠⁠
- 4th Bikini under 25s - NBA ⁠⁠
No placing for ICN in line ups all over 15, however super proud of the attitude Petria bought to this show. Being proud of the improvements she had made and the effort she put in to get to the stage


Client Testimonial: Louisa Cook - Milestone 40KG Dusted⁠

⁠When I think of a warrior and a super mum all in one I think of Louisa Cook (@louisa.sook.56). I have been working with this woman for many years on & off. Every time she comes in we know what needs to be done, we both understand our roles within the very UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP & BOND we have created. We always pick up right where we left off. Knowing what habits and triggers push Louisa to reach her next goal we always hustle to make sure that her needs and wants in life are achieved.⁠

What makes this even more special is that she has broken through many barriers this year, personally she has finally assigned time and energy purely for herself. She has applied the foundations and self-care tools to ensure she is the priority. Her time is HER TIME. Putting herself first after her kids is always a must as any super mum would know. This life is not a chore, it's a lifestyle being able to enjoy the gym and having a 0 fucks policy. The will to succeed beyond the mind's limitations is where we are heading⁠

Transformations are a marathon, not a sprint... IT'S A LIFESTYLE! This comes to show that when a woman gives herself consistent time and care monitored by a fitness professional great things can be achieved.⁠

1 YEAR - Specific Training, Sports Nutrition & Flexibility, Recovery with ENJOYMENT⁠


We're so proud of you Louisa, let's take this time to bask in the awesomeness and continue the good work to the 75kg GOAL !!⁠


Client Testimonial: Craig Stansfield⁠

⁠The powerlifter converted to power building while dusting off the cobwebs. Craig applied new protocols for learning the flexible and strict approach while being able to still enjoy his social life and still make progress at the same time. Craig came to me wanting to shift the weight, lose the BF and allow for the strength to come back and then some. After learning the OTF Formula for food, understanding the energy in vs. out movement, and applying the Flexible Dieting approach we all love and preach about the results were inevitable.⁠⁠
Craig is a hard worker and a silent achiever while being a shift worker with a night and morning switch each fortnight. We had to balance out what worked for Craig in the means of training and nutrition that was fast, effective and that could be juggled with his constant changing rosters. This was no excuse for Craig as he got it done. No crash dieting, no cardio just simple nutrition that Craig actually wanted to eat. Some new factors and meal types were introduced to open the door to a wider food selection. As it shows you have certainly applied yourself and have reaped the rewards, my man.⁠⁠
This was all done as an Online Training Client!! With weekly check-ins, we were able to deliver everything that Craig needs to succeed in making his fitness goals and wants a reality. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing you change over these few months. Now to watch Craig be set free back into the world to apply himself. Enjoy the break boss man and keep kicking goals. ⁠⁠
Drops : ⁠⁠
BW : -8.4kg⁠⁠
BF% : -8.76%⁠⁠
FM : -9.03kg⁠⁠
LM : +3.43kg⁠⁠
With results like this, you can see why Craig is killing his goals.⁠⁠



Client Testimonial: James Higgins

⁠James is a seeker of the gains while chasing the V SHAPE. He is working on his food and learning the skills to mastering his nutrition so he can have fun and be social while still making the gains. James was a very fast learner while being a shift worker, father, and the man of the gym. James made his routine work for him and allowed the process to take control, his actions really speak for themselves. Becoming an even more super dad, we were able to pack on some good size in the small amount of time we’ve had working together.⁠⁠
James applied all that was asked of him and even more. This man's willpower, and determination put him in a league of his own, James was able to apply all that was required to then reap the rewards that have been passed onto him. James now has the tools to walk into the world and continue slaying no matter what shift he's on, morning or night. This willpower is the key and James has made it his mission to apply himself every day to achieve his new goals.⁠⁠
We were able to add some solid weight (GOOD WEIGHT) of 4.3kg over the 6 months while recomping his physique and increasing his food to a whooping 4100+ Cals. James is the everyday bloke out here making his goals a priority and putting himself first to make them happen. Epic stuff my man, here’s to you mate.⁠⁠
Well Done on an incredibly executed program to better yourself, mentally and physically.


Client Testimonial: Owen Williams

⁠Here's a young man on a mission to get to the stage. Owen has come from a boxing background but is ready to switch gears. After meeting Owen for the first time just under a year ago (Sept 7th - current today) we have done some unreal work, especially making it through COVID and still seeing results.⁠⁠
A Total loss of 16.7kg of Body Weight (- 3.01kg of Fat -- BF 2.89% ) ⁠⁠
From stripping him right back to basics to learning about his food intake and nutrition process to help fix his skin elasticity from losing weight prior to coming to OTF. We are ecstatic to have his skin bounce back and strengthen once again. Starting from scratch Owen was able to learn about gaining and feed states, maintenance phases, and what it actually feels like to be in a real deficit. Over this period Owen has changed multiple times while working on big lifts and honing in on being able to run and complete his own flexible plans (OTF FLEXIBLE DIETING GUIDE.) After eating well over 3500+ with no cardio and enjoying his weight, study, and apprenticeship there was no doubt that Owen was ready for something a little more challenging.⁠⁠
Once you learn how to do your own food and understand that it's not the good or bad foods you eat but the volume of Cals that are coming in, Owen has put the skills to work and has been ripping into the program like a boss. With efforts like this and his mental state only getting stronger, we have a Season A 2022 in our sights. It’s been a pleasure seeing what this epic human is made of. From shits and gigs to full blown ready both physically and mentally to take on the ultimate challenge and test his will and stone. This will be one hell of a ride to witness and guide our man into the great sport we all know and love. @icn_qld⁠⁠
Well done for taking the time to learn the process while allowing your mind and body to get ready for the push and demand that’s going to take you on your next journey. Enjoy the down time and let’s get ready for the real fun to begin⁠⁠


Client Testimonial: Aimee Louise

⁠Its been a good learning experience for our Aimee as we have been crushing her goals and making her a master of her nutrition and training. Learning the very basics while building her foundations from scratch, nursing the previous niggles while keeping her mobile in the process of keeping her consistent, constantly progressing forward in her fitness goals.⁠⁠
Together we have been working towards Aimee's Wedding day, which I was totally honoured to be able to be part of. You really do get to know people in our industry when training and shaping lives and was so glad to be part of her special day. You looked absolutely stunning and was just mesmerising to see how happy and how far you have come since first starting together.⁠⁠
Every journey has its own paths and Amiee has taken the reigns like BOSS LADIES DO!! well done on the 1st block of training.⁠⁠
Amiee now back from her honeymoon and ready to get back to work from having a good 7 weeks off dues to weddings, vacations reschedules, moving, and a new job. Most of all with this she has maintained her weight progressed and allowed her body to recover, drop stress, BF%, and free track while listening to her intuitive cues to eat and enjoy life like a normal person. ⁠⁠
Drops :⁠⁠
Body Weight : - 15kg⁠⁠
BF% : -7.22%⁠⁠
Lean Mass : +1.32kg⁠⁠
With building, cutting & maintenance phases. We have really been focusing now purely on recomposition to increase the longevity of maintaining healthy living and a more enjoyable approach to her fitness journey. Because who doesn't like just building muscle after, we can make the mind allow and let us progress, knowing that the weight on the scales is just a number. Amiee now uses the scale as a tool and is focused on new goals and a new journey that's going to change her life forever. ⁠⁠
Well done Amiee, let's get this bread and make these gains.


Client Testimonial: Suzie Claxton

⁠Wonder Women, Super Mum, and all-out OTF TRANSFORMATION SLAYER⁠⁠
I've had the pleasure of working with Suzie for a few years now. From running her sports nutrition for powerlifting, to completely taking over her training and nutrition to rip off a good 20kg. I’ve worked closely with Suzie before, during, and after her most recent pregnancy. With the help of the wonder/ lady killer himself Luca (future star of the sport because he has mums legs) Suzie is ripping off the pre-baby weight and progressing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while being able to keep social and enjoy life. Suzie is learning that food is a tool, she is applying a strict yet flexible dieting approach to be able to choose her own path to follow. ⁠⁠
She is at it once again with a short 8-week burner. Suzie is on the grind for her fitness goals before going on holidays to be welcomed back with a wicked maintenance and gaining phase for her new and out their goals that are hers and hers alone.⁠⁠
Drops : ⁠⁠
BW : -7.8kg⁠⁠
FM : -5.19kg⁠⁠
BF : -4.48%⁠⁠
As always Suzie applies all that is asked and more, well done lovely! Enjoy the holidays and bring on the next phase. ⁠⁠


Client Testimonial: Annaliese Blumel

⁠Another super mum taking up the task of being put through her paces, converting from classwork to embracing the king of all transformations WEIGHTS BABY!!⁠⁠
Annaliese is one hella worker. No matter what had been assigned she turns up rain, hail or shine to get it done. A true wonder woman, super mum, with visions of on-stage appearance in the future to come, this has been a lifelong goal for her and will definitely be achievable as Annaliese has been learning the process of what a deficit, maintainance, and gaining phases are. This is the biggest tool we have to offer clients before making the attempt to get onto the stage. Annaliese now understands all the factors that come with the transition to the stage and is a master of flexible tracking and with pinpoint accuracy, I might add. Very exciting times ahead for her to come.⁠⁠
When we first started working together the goals were to drop BF, while building muscle, getting stronger and learning the new exercises that would open the doors to the Big Lifts. Annaliese applies hereself in every session with an intensity that would match an advanced lifter, a true go-getter and it has certainly shown in the short time working together.⁠⁠
BW : -4.6kg⁠⁠
LM : +1.05kg⁠⁠
FM : - 3kg⁠⁠
BF : - 3.54%⁠⁠
Well done Annaliese, we have only scratched the surface of your potential, here's to the continuation of you smashing your goals and one step closer to the next step in your journey⁠⁠


Client Testimonial: Antonietta


She's back at it again, mini cut engaged while in lockdown during covid we have made some epic progression from AJs gaining Phase during the C MAS Period.⁠⁠
This woman is one of the hardest workers in the game, always applying herself every session, in and out of the gym. While balancing a very busy work life with big hours which only allows time for short applications for outside activities = fitness, socializing, and general what she wants to do. This means AJs spare time is very limited due to the workload so assigns, plans, and prioritises her time to meet her goals. ⁠⁠
Just by staying consistent, following her routine, applying the OTF Formula with her Nutrition and Training shes destroyed this mini cut, and with no access to the gym for half the time it was a massive push to make her nutrition and mind power take over to bring in the goods and yet again hit another goal.⁠⁠
AJ continues to make results happen while enjoying life, food and be able to allow the pressure of the scales to yet again be exactly that, just a number. As most women demonize the scales, one of our biggest goals was to not use the scales as a measure but the feeling of how she feels overall, inside and out. She can now intuitively feel when she’s up or down, allowing that everyone’s different and allows herself to have what she wants when she needs it and when to moderate over progression. This is the biggest skill of them all, allowing to be able to let go and enjoy instead of trying to be a robot 24/7⁠⁠
We are so proud of you yet again AJ, slaying it every time⁠⁠
Drops : ⁠⁠
Body Weight : 4.2kg⁠⁠
BF% : -3.2% ( 2.02kg of FM )⁠⁠
These are the results of OTF been able to apply the parameters inside and outside the gym while being able to zone in on nutrition that you will actually like and eat because you want to eat it or simply have the tools to be able to have a flexible diet and create and learn how to run your own nutrition.


Client Testimonial: Tyson


A pictures a thousand words right
One of the best lads at OTF always getting the work done. Sometimes we take a very different approach when selecting programs and nutrition for clients. From the man that likes food but never makes time to eat it. It's was a good start to try and dial our man Tyson into getting into the groove, to slow down during the day, to allocate time to stop and eat, instead of the go-go-go effects of not eating and bingeing at night time.⁠⁠
Being on the tools all day Tyson has an easy 2 to 3 days of training ( 1 day is PT ) so really he does 2 days of training, minimal step count because he is a labour and he is walking plenty so cardio is more than we want him to do. He can't eat more to fill the demand his body needs. This is what works against him.⁠⁠
Now we have him slowing down, eating a meal plan of his choice, making fresh food, and making his own food a priority Tyson has been a silent achiever and the pictures show the importance of creating the perfect balance, without overdoing it. ⁠⁠
You don't have to be at the gym 5 days a week, just need to program accordingly to make results are easy and sustainable
Just clipped over the -15kg in total after cutting and maintenance phases
14kg in total lost since he's started at OTF, which was at the end of July 2020. There's no rush and he's loving every minute of his journey, while no crash dieting, no stupid pills or supplements bashing. ⁠⁠
" Smart, Effective, Evidence-Based Nutrition Training "⁠⁠


Client Testimonial: Jules


Another slayer of OTF Miss Jules showing the world that even being FIFO you can get the job done. With some fine tweaking to the day-to-day nutrition, increasing the N.E.A.T & T.D.E.E while making some alterations to programming to help support her previous back injury. She's walked inside grabbed the program with both hands and came out with the superb goods. ⁠⁠
Every journey is different because not everyone or everybody is the same. Jules layed out the parameters to lose fat, gain muscle, nail nutrition and enjoy a social life.⁠⁠
That’s just what we have delivered, sustainable living, no crash dieting or excessive cardio. Although I did give her a stair climb that 1 time 🤣😱😅 that was fun 😆🤜🤛⁠⁠
Well done Jules now enjoys the downtime, embrace and continue the good work to build the knowledge and expand your toolbox.⁠⁠
We are so proud of you, it's goodbye for now but we wish you luck in your new location at the Sunshine Coast⁠⁠.


Client Testimonial: Josh

Congratulations to Josh on completing his first 16 week block! ⁠⁠
Josh’s goal is to put on size! Everywhere! And that is exactly what we have done. ⁠⁠
Over the last 16 weeks we have progressively increased calories and put on just over 3kg. ⁠⁠
Josh has been putting in the work! Focusing on progressive overload in all his sessions week in and week out. PBing most if not all sessions. When we first started Josh struggled with a body weight lunge. He also has some pre existing back issues. We have managed to work up to 117.5kg trap bar deadlift and 70kg squat. ⁠⁠
Massive effort by Josh and still going!! ⁠⁠


Client Testimonial: Keryn

Massive congratulations to @keryn_xx for finishing up her 8-week block. The goal was not fat loss but rather focusing on some muscle growth and strength improvements for her big lifts.⁠⁠
I have to give this girl credit. She put in the bloody work! Pushed her hardest every session and stuck to her nutrition plan 100%, while still enjoying a couple of events she had along the way.⁠⁠
I challenged her to push her training harder than she had in the past and she definitely did that!⁠⁠
The results from the picture speak for themselves! 2.6kg difference in these photos.⁠⁠
Back squat went from 40kg to 52.5kg for 8 reps⁠⁠
Deadlift from 40kg to 60kg for 8 reps⁠⁠
And BB hip thrust from 60kg to 90kg for 8 reps.⁠⁠
Well done Keryn! 🙌

Mrs Cee

Client Testimonial: Mrs Cee

Some further results for Mrs Cee. Another 4 months progress since the last update 😍 swipe for comparison pictures from start, middle, and now.⁠⁠
From the beginning of our journey to now:⁠⁠
👇🏻 4cm from waist⁠⁠
👇🏻7cm hips⁠⁠
These are sustainable for Anita’s lifestyle!! Still enjoying quite a lot of flexibility with nutrition. She follows her meal plan for breakfast through to the afternoon tea and then makes a different dinner most nights with flexibility on the weekends.⁠⁠
Super proud of these results 😍 and also super proud that that’s ma mum!!


Client Testimonial: Rachael

Rachael has just wrapped up her first 8 week training block. ⁠⁠
She has dropped 5.6kg, 8cm from her waist and 9cm from her hips!!! Rachael is a mum so has lots to juggle and look after other than herself. Life happened a couple times but she didn’t let that deter her from the end goal. She jumped straight back on the plan and has been able to achieve incredible results so far while still living her life 😍⁠⁠
Looking forward to seeing Rachaels results after another 8 weeks of consistency.


Client Testimonial: Bec

Just 10 weeks difference between these photos!⁠⁠
I have been working with Bec @becsta_1982 for 10 weeks now and wow 😍😍 Bec came from an Olympic lifting background but hadn’t been in the gym for a while. We have been working on building her strength back up through some basic movements now moving on to a more strength-based block.⁠⁠
We are 5kgs down but Bec has been able to enjoy life and some flexibility as well. I am excited to see the next lot of progress pictures for this incredible lady


Client Testimonial: Danielle

You've seen this one before and she just keeps getting better! ⁠

Can we get a HECK YEAH for Danielle on her first ever mini cut.⁠

8 week mini cut:⁠
- Down 3.8kg and 3.8% BF (DXA)⁠

We have just run an 8 week mini cut and now 15 more weeks of solid off season before commencing prep for ICN Season B 2022. ⁠

Danielle and I have been working together consistently for just over a year. She is a true testament to what following the plan can achieve. If you scroll down my page you will see where she first started and be even more amazed. ⁠

There's no denying Daniellle has worked hard for these results, BUT! This has all been achieved with just 3 gym sessions (plus some hanging upside down, click her tag if you're confused) per week and following her nutrition. She has still consistently enjoyed events and had some relaxed days. ⁠

I am so proud of not only the physical but all the mental growth that has happened over the past year as well. So so excited to see you shine on stage next year. ⁠

Kelly Bryer

Client Testimonial: Kelly Bryer

Introducing Kelly to the team! Kelly and check out the gaiiiiiinssss. Keep an eye on Kell, she will be one to watch as we work towards season B 2022 with @icnqld

Kelly and I have only been working together for 3 months now with the goal of putting on some mega size and competing and I think we are achieving just that. ⁠

Kelly is 1kg heavier in the photos on the right and eating just shy of 3000 cals with plenty more left in the tank 😋 Watch this space as we continue to build cals into the new year. ⁠

AND A REMINDER the scales are 1. not the only tool we use and 2. don't always need to go down!!⁠

Emily Gilbert

Client Testimonial: Emily Gilbert

Over the short period of time I’ve being working with Emily we have been focusing on getting her dialled in, while she is off being a semi-pro athlete for the GC Bull Sharks for netball. It is always a pleasure to work with athletes, I absolutely love being able to push the proper amount of food into our clients to maximize their training, performance, and recovery to the fullest. I love to see a female athlete absolutely slay her ability to put food away and to allow 100% effort to go towards her desired sport or fitness goals.⁠

Being an active female that has a very high demand for fuel to perform at extreme levels, Emily needed a solid program to follow. After starting a slight maintenance phase while focusing on some personal goals and working towards her ideal BW before going up, we have grown her intake to over 3201+ Cals per day with additional intake days. Bringing her food even higher on Game Days to a whopping 3778 per day.⁠

Leaner, meaner, and performing like an F1 car, we've created some epicness for her sporting season. With the netball season coming to a hold, we’ll be more than ready for SEASON A 2022 @icnqld Appearance with the OTF CREW.⁠

Let's see this woman take the next step and bring the goods for her next stage appearance.⁠

Cedar-Jean Cuthbertson

Client Testimonial: Cedar-Jean Cuthbertson

Another OTF Member and fitness ninja of life, Miss Cedar came to train with the intent of nailing her food intake from a fully flexible approach while being social and applying the program protocols to bring her closer to her goal. It's more than an image for Cedar, our approach for her is from a mental perspective so Cedar can be less stressed from her work life. She comes to OTF because PT is her time to let free and just do. A lot of our clients allow themselves to zone out when in session to let the stress slip away and walk out of the session a new person while feeling 100% better about what's next about their day, just like Cedar.⁠
At times she does hate me but never shows it, a true work horse. No matter what’s thrown at her she gets it done in an athletic manner and is ready for the following phase in here next chapter in the OTF Programming.⁠
Also, a ballroom dancer and rock climber she has strength in all angles to better apply herself in her sports of choice. She's one strong cookie and how about these photos’ aye!!!!!⁠
Drops ; ⁠
BW : -7.6kg⁠

LM : +0.650g⁠
FM : -6.32kg⁠
BF : - 6.47%⁠

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