8 things your personal trainer wants you to know

1. Our sessions together can’t undo a week of bad decisions.Before you even think about paying a personal trainer, you need to ask yourself a very important question:“Am I willing to put in the work for your health and fitness a priority, not only in the gym but in my daily life?”

Sometimes people blame their personal trainer for their lack of results, but more often than not, the buck stops with the individual. A good personal trainer offers guidance & skills that will empower their clients to make good decisions inside/outside of the gym, but all of your training sessions could be void if you’re not willing to take action with the instruction you are given. Put simply, an hour or two of exercise cannot undo a week of poor eating decisions.

2. You don’t get bonus points for “extra credit” workouts. Fitness and fat loss results don’t happen while you train, but rather during your body’s recovery process after training. You are welcome to partake in as much light activity as you want to get the " Extra Credit" More vigorous activities like classes, however, could quickly become counterproductive if you’re not careful. It would be smart to mention any additional activity you’re pursuing to your trainer, who will make sure the extra stuff is taking you towards your goals (instead of away from them). Sustainable living is what's been calculated for your goals. we want to do as little as possible with the most maximum return possible. Going 0 to 100 real quick is not the most recommended solution here.

3. “More” does not necessarily mean “better.”I don’t know how a “one-hour personal training session” became the norm, but this seems to be what people expect from a personal trainer. This idea is woefully simplistic because the ideal length of your workouts depends on a wide variety of factors including your needs, goals, experience level, the type and intensity of training, and more. When you break down the session entail it's better to taper to your level of fitness. Stay in your lane, learn to walk before your run is a massive heads up.

4. You don’t need to work with me forever. The best personal trainers are not dictators, but rather liberators. Instead of making a client feel as if they must depend on their trainer for results, they make an honest effort to set them free. Your personal trainer should be teaching you about things like proper form, exercise selection, and progressive overload as time goes on. We are stepping stones to open the door to something new and fresh to the un-opened eyes. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction when I get to watch a client walk off into the sunset with full confidence that they can keep moving forward without me. This is our life, I personally get massive kicks when a client knows they don't need me but stay for the experience and accountability factors. The same as I do with my own coach I know I don't need to be, but I enjoy the partnership which then entails learning beyond what I set out to do personally with my goals.

5. Honest, open communication is a must.No matter how smart your personal trainer might be, we aren’t mind-readers. If you’re struggling with something, you need to tell us about it. We are here to help as well as inform and teach the ways of maneuvering the day to day life. Not everyone is 100% compliant, we do like to hit the 80% mark & leave 20% for the soul ( that food we all love ) if you do go off track by eating over or well under targets. It's not a big thing, but we do need to own it. I know that personally, I devise the best plan for each client to stick to, but when looked at with a stupid face why there not progressing, actions speak louder than words and been in the industry for 8+ years sometimes you need to just eat the shit sandwich and move onto the next form and take action and get back on track" I once had a client who told me she was concerned because she hadn’t lost any weight in a couple of weeks or so we had been working together. Bewilder by this, I asked a list of questions to figure out what the problem could be, she wasn’t eating anywhere near enough food to fuel the demands we were placing on her body."

6. Working out while undernourished is counterproductive. You need to come to the gym hydrated and you should also eat a snack including carbs and protein about an hour or two before your training session. If your progress stagnates, don’t jump to the automatic conclusion that you need to eat less; in my experience (especially when working with women), the opposite is more often the case. As your fitness level and physical strength increase, so do your caloric needs. you need to monitor via my fitness pal, meal plan, hella food diary and share it with your personal trainer if you find yourself at a standstill, so they can help you identify the problem and implement a solution. doing more and eating less is A NO NO !!!

7. A minor injury doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. There is nothing fun about spraining an ankle or wrist, but that doesn’t mean all activity is off the table. Your personal trainer should be able to work around your injury in a way that is safe and beneficial for your progress, if not get a new one. For example, if you have a broken ankle, you could still perform seated or lying upper body exercises that target your chest, shoulders, and back. Like fitness journeys most have, a small bump in the road doesn't give the excuse to put life on hold. Like all great trainers should encourage is to work around the problem, zone in on the nutrition, and keep you up in spirits to get you through this time. Like buying a car, you don't stop the payments when we aren't driving for that week, do we ??

8. Where you are starting from is irrelevant. I know you might be intimidated by working with a personal trainer, especially if he has an incredibly fit physique, but please don’t feel that way. An awful lot of us have struggled with weight gain, body image issues, emotional eating, and just about anything you can dream of. A good personal trainer would never judge you for your starting point because it just doesn’t matter; the important thing is where you’re going, not where you’ve been. It's about starting now and making the change before it's too late. Every day is a day to redo, restart, and re-try. I have failed 1000's times to be able to deliver a service that teaches skills to use forever. Yes, we fail and fail again, but that's the fun bit, every day something new. that's whats keeps us alive


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