Have you ever felt unhappy when you are full?

I can tell you there is no worse feeling than having an empty stomach when you're not full !!! ⁠

Well I can say I have had my stomach soooo empty that I could eat the gyprock off the wall

(wouldn't recommend, but yes I have and no would not do again.) ⁠

The point is life can be super chill and even better than you think with a full stomach. ⁠

You ever felt angry or sad after a succlent meal ?⁠

So many carbs you get to sleep straight away?⁠

Smooth as kickback that nothing in the world can startle you because you give 0 fucks, the world could be burning and yet you are full and carry on with life?⁠

I feel full 8 times of the day, not for long though being back into a prep again - but I love the days that I don't have to do nothing but sit with the food.⁠

Now enough of the life to life.⁠

Below is some a little light reading of actual facts about why you get Hungry & Full.⁠


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