Off Tap Athlete : Brooke Davey

Category : Figure ⁠

Posing Coach : @joeycantlipt⁠ .⁠

It was an absolute pleasure to watch Brooke slay at applying herself during this prep. After getting into a great starting position, Brooke had a solid off season. We banded together, secured the starting point and executed the work with a true off tap attitude.⁠ Coming into the new category, Brooke made it known it was figure or nothing this season and we did exactly that. The shape was unique with the building and brought an unreal package to her figure debut. After ripping a cracking 18.6kg in total with (11.6kg of that through her dieting phase) I can proudly say we left nothing, all the boxes were ticked and everything was showcases on the stage. You dug deep and delivered the end goal with class.⁠ .⁠

Such a pleasure to have watched Brooke through a killer season with plenty of hard earned placings :⁠ .⁠

@icnqld :⁠

- Ms Figure Open Class ( Med ) 1st⁠

- Ms Figure Novice - 3rd⁠

- Ms Figure Rookies - 4th⁠ .⁠

@icn_tropix ⁠

- Ms Figure Novice - 3rd⁠

- Ms Figure Rookies - 4th⁠ .⁠

@nbaaustralia_offical with ⁠

- Figure Beginners - 1st ⁠

- Figure Opens - 2nd ⁠

- Pro Show Invite⁠

Our 1st Figure girl in OTF, made it all the more special to watch our client/college/family strike the stage with pure will and determination. Broke brought nothing but her absolute best for the team and herself. Cannot wait to see her next masterpiece after some much needed downtime and off season she has to come. ⁠ .⁠ YOU MADE IT BROOKE WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU