Off Tap Athlete : Courtney Mills

Category : Fitness & Sports

Posing Coach : montana@offtapfitness / @offtapfitness .

When Courtney and I first met it was just about getting the body, mind and soul strong. After 7 months of building and making some serious gains, while broadening her nutrition and bringing a new holy shit level to her training resume she was ready. We made a plan to bring the biggest, most unreal package we could, working on not only her physical appearance but her mental state to match. I would always mention to Courtney in sessions that no matter what happens she would be able to walk through FIRE and still tackle this prep like a boss bitch.THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WAS DONE !! I have trained some strong minded people but Courtney took the cake. Every athlete has individual strengths and these strengths are always learnt along the way. This was Courtneys time to shine with her first big season. Everything Courtney wanted out of a prep was ticked off. Your happy attitude and only having one hungry time at 3 weeks out was astonishing. .

Whopping 11.8Kg during the dieting phase completed with precision, with Placings like this we can see why : .

@icnqld :

- Fitness Model Novice 2nd

Fitness Model Open - 3rd

Fitness Model Rookie - 5th

Sports Model Novice - 4th

Sports Model Open - 4th

Sports Model Rookie - 5th

@nbaaustralia_offical :

Fitness Model Opens - 1st

Fitness Model U/25 - 2nd

Sports Model U/25 - 1st

Sports Model Intermediate - 2nd

Invite to the Pro Show

What a killer season, watching you achieve the ultimate physique with such easy was a pleasure. With a rebuild in the works for Courtney 2.0, I cannot wait to see you smash bigger goals for 2024. . Here she comes, well done again YOU’RE PROPER OFF TAP!