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Throughout my time training with Jonno, I have enjoyed every moment. From the very start he builds than can do approach in to you with his infectious enthusiasm, abundance of knowledge in nutrition and training and continued weekly support.

He will give you the tools, you just have to put them to use.. do this and you won't be disappointed!

So if you ready to put the hard work in, look no further as this is the guy you need as your mentor to reach your goals.

Thanks again big man, sure we will hook up again for another sick cycle 🤙


Jono is an absolute boss at what he does! He is super supportive and makes the whole process nice and easy.

I have been doing my nutrition through Jono for 6 weeks now and I haven’t once felt like it was a struggle to stick to my food, which is new for me. He gave me options and allowed me to eat foods that I enjoyed. Over the last 6 weeks I have dropped 7 kilos and gained muscle along the way through my training.

I had a bad experience with a different nutritionist before seeing Jono and he has completely restored my faith in food and how much it can effect your body and frame of mind!

I don’t know what I would do without him and am so excited to see what we else we can achieve 


If you're chasing real change then look no further... this is your man! I have struggled for a full year not budging a single kilo. I swung between 3hrs a day at gym and staying to limited calories a day to depression and almost giving up, countless doctors visits and medications and everything in between, only to get NO results! Was referred to Jono and he's quite simply changing my life! 5wks in and I've dropped 6.4kg and feeling better everyday! The changes are undeniable and his support is nothing short of awesome! He will legit change your life if you let him. I couldn't back a more true grit, helpful passionate decent human being, who offers all of himself to help you realise your goals. I'm so grateful my journey led me here


I've been going to the gym for almost two years and managed to achieve some great results however I hit a plateau which was starting to bring me down and do my head in. A friend suggested seeing a PT to change things up and get me back on track. Jono is the kick in the butt I needed. He understands my strengths and weaknesses and knows how to get the best out of me. Jono is very knowledgeable which allows him to adjust my program on the fly if I have any problems. He encouraged me to take part in the 6 week summer shred even though it wasn't an ideal time and I'm so glad I did. I may have only lost 3kgs on the scales however I lost 48cm all up and I have gotten so much stronger which was one of my big goals. My squats have increase by 20kgs and I have started doing deadlifts. In six weeks I'm already lifting 60kgs which blows my mind. With his infectious attitude and cheeky smile Jono makes every session challenging yet so much fun I always leave with a smile. He is extremely dedicated and supports all his clients 100% and his love for health and fitness is contagious. Thank you Jono!


I’ve been with Off Tap Fitness for a few months now. I’ve been struggling with depression and bad anxiety for quite a long time and having my world fall apart. Jono has helped me get back on track and make huge lifestyle improvements. His coaching isn’t just about gym life and lifting weights, it’s about your whole health. Mental and physical, he cares about you and takes an interest in you. I can not recommend him enough, with his contagious and infectious laughter and smile, you’ll be looking forward to his PT’s and getting your life on track and achieve your goals. He’ll push you and make you accountable for yourself. He doesn’t do excuses and will tell you exactly how it is. (Sometimes we all need that to smarten our act up and change.) Invest in him and put the work in and I can guarantee he will invest in you and you will be able to achieve anything.


If it wasn’t for Jono I wouldn’t be where I am today. He has taught me so much and really helped me with my fitness journey in the 12 weeks we trained. There were multiple occasions I wanted to walk away and I’d constantly whinge but Jono wouldn’t take a bar of it and pushed me to limits, which is what I needed. At first my nutrition was a bit of a struggle for me. Trying to find the balance and still have a social life but Jono was very lenient with my meals and gave me more options so I would enjoy the foods.

My main goal was to make a healthier and more confident version of myself. I now go to the gym 4-5 days a week and if I have any burning questions Jono will always make the time to answer them. Great guy, would definitely recommend!


I’ve been working with Jono and offtap fitness for just over 6 months now and honestly I have never felt better in my own body and my fitness level.


I owe all my progress to Jono. His a great motivator and very easy going. He really just wants the best for his clients and will give you all the necessary elements to meet your fitness goals.


I love working out with Jono and will continue to train with him so I can learn as much as I can from him. Amazing personal trainer !!


I have been very impressed with the training Jono has given me.

It isn't just that he knows his stuff and that he has the drive to get you going in the right direction, but also that he has the energy and 'cool attitude' to keep you motivated and be on top of your goals.

Cheers Jono for helping me achieve such great results already and I am excited for the many you will help me continue to achieve!


I started with Jono in April 2018 my main goal back then was just to tone up and build some glutes.


Jonos infectious personality and passion for what he does rubbed off on me to the point I am now preparing for my first ever bodybuilding/bikini competition under his guidance.


Training with Jono is flexible and fun. He knows just how hard to push and how to get the best out of each client. The Off Tap Community is the most supportive and friendly and like no other.


Massive thank you to Off Tap Fitness for equipping me with the knowledge and confidence to be able to walk into a new gym and not be afraid to use the weights. Normally, you start at a new gym, you have no idea what you’re doing, and you end up walking on the treadmill for 6 months, you don’t see results, so you quit.

Not this time I have the knowledge to be able to write a plan, adapt to my new surroundings, test out the new machines and lift like a boss without caring what everyone else thinks. As Jono says, it’s because I’m OFF TAP always and forever.

Thank you Jono, you are INCREDIBLE 

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