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Meet your head coaches: Jono and Mon!


These fitness powerhouses specialise in a variety of services from gen pop weight loss to bodybuilding athletes. 


With over a decade of experience between our coaches, we are committed to helping our clients reach their goals. We use the most up to date evidence and research, ensuring ALL of our services and programs are CUSTOMISED to the individual as not one person is the same. 


With refreshing and fun personalities, our coaches know what it takes to compete at the top level. We bring this same intensity to our clients and helping them reach their goals.


Our mission is to set each and every client up for success through education and guidance.






Jono is an amazing trainer I cannot recommend him enough! After being ill for some time and losing a sickly amount of weight. Jono guided me in putting not only building back my muscle but gaining a healthy amount of weight back on where I was able to be more functional and have a better quality of life! Thank you!!!!



I can't recommend Jonno highly enough. He was a great trainer. He kept me accountable and the weekly training sessions helped me with my form. I broadened my knowledge with understanding flexi-dieting and he has given me tools I can now use in the future. I look forward to training with him again in the future.


The day was 24th of January 2021, when I met Jono, I was flabby and lost a lot of muscles due to poor diet. Fast forward to the 24th of April 2021, 3months later. I entered my first ICN competition, came first in the division with competitors 10 years younger than me. I can’t say enough good words about his help, his advice is priceless! I’ll never forget. 



Been training with Off Tap for a year and a half now. I have seen some crazy progress over this time and am looking the best I have my entire life. I have trained with a lot of Personal Trainers over my time and I can safely say Off Tap Fitness is THE best I have ever had the pleasure of exercising with.
They offer a full range of services and a top of the range premium product. From specialised and flexible meal plans to free E-Books teaching you about free tracking and high protein recipe books you really get value for what you pay.
Off Tap Fitness has given me the tools to reach new goals and continue to reach new ones even when I have been unable to see or train physically with the team.
The team are always approachable no matter what time or day of the week, they genuinely care and have become lifelong friends



I came to Off Tap with little to no knowledge and a lack of confidence in the gym. Jono took me under his wing, taught me form and mental endurance and brought smiles and laughs to every session. We had regular check-ins to ensure I was on track, he created delicious and easy meal plans and fun and easy to follow workout plans. I learned a lot from Jono about nutrition and he never changed anything in my plan without first educating me as to why he was making that decision. I felt supported at all times knowing I could contact Jono when needed and felt uplifted by the spirit he creates and maintains with his clients. Since working with Jono I am now independently confident in my abilities within the gym and have no hesitation lifting heavy!



I spent my phase 1 with Montana and I've learnt so much about myself in such little time. 
She is truly so supportive and encouraging and I feel much more confident with training at the gym and my eating habits.

I really looked forward to our 1v1 sessions because I'd learn so much - whether it be a correction on form or even just emotional support when I needed it. 

I highly recommend Montana and I hope to work with her again soon! 

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