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On Going Coaching

Online Only

  1. Personalised training program via our app 

  2. Personalised macros based on your goals 

  3. Personalised meal plans 

  4. Weekly checkins

  5. FREE flexible dieting guide 

  6. Access to OTF Members Facebook page 

Phase 1

Online training + a weekly 30 min session with your coach

Phase 2

Online training + a weekly 45 min session with your coach

Phase 3

Online training + a weekly 60 min session with your coach

One Off Coaching


30 and 45 minute posing sessions online or face to face


ICN, NBA, WNBF Women's Bikini, Fitness & Sports 


ICN, NBA, WNBF Figure, Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Physique and Mens Fitness

Face to Face Coaching

30 & 45 minute face to face PT sessions 

Nutrition & Program only options

Enquire for more information

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